Acton relies entirely on groundwater for its drinking water, with approximately 95% of town-delivered potable water coming from wells throughout town. Our community has a history of both groundwater contamination and strong community advocacy efforts aimed at protecting Acton’s groundwater resources.

Green Acton’s mission includes serving the community by reviewing plans to protect and ensure the safety of Acton’s drinking water, and informing and educating the public on drinking water–related issues. Green Acton has assumed responsibility for some of the tasks previously undertaken by ACES (Acton Citizens for Environmental Safety), including advocating for appropriate action by public agencies to ensure a high degree of protection for Acton’s drinking water resources.

Water-related issues that that Green Acton and/or ACES have been working on include:

Water-related posts and pages on the Green Acton website fall into the following broad categories or themes:

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