Water Infrastructure and Regulation

Many complicated things have to happen for safe drinkable to arrive at your home from nature. The physical infrastructure involves pipes, wells and treatment plants. In addition, a web of laws and regulations try to ensure that the water is free of dangerous levels of pollutants and is  distributed according to need and is not excessively wasted.

Organizations that deal with Acton water:
  • Acton Water District (AWD):  state-chartered government entity that provides water to more than 90% of the households in Acton.
  • Water Land Management Advisory Committee (WLMAC):  Citizen’s committee that advises the Acton Water District and AWD Commissioners (minutes & agendas).
  • Water Resources Advisory Committee (WRAC):  Town committee that advises the Acton Board of Selectmen on water-related issues.
  • OARS:  a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect, improve and preserve the Assabet, Sudbury, and Concord Rivers, their tributaries and watersheds, for public recreation, water supply, and wildlife habitat.  All of Acton falls with the Assabet watershed.