Green Acton Water Committee


Green Acton’s Water Committee works to protect and improve Acton’s ground, surface and drinking water, through information gathering, advocacy, public education, and collaboration with other concerned groups.  

More specifically, the Water Committee:

  • Continues the work of ACES in watchdogging the Superfund sites that threaten Acton’s water quality
  • Monitors threats and risks to the quality of Acton’s ground, surface, and drinking water, from any and all sources
  • Monitors threats and risks to water quantity and water availability, including from overdevelopment, climate change, population growth, and neighboring towns
  • Gathers, organizes and disseminates information and data relevant to water in Acton
  • Works to overcome threats to the quality or quantity of Acton’s water  through citizen advocacy, information sharing, public education, and other means.

Get involved:

The Water committee meets face-to-face once a month, generally on the second Sunday of the month, 2:30-4:30  in the Acton Memorial library (double check GA calendar, however).  We also have an active email discussion group.  The committee welcomes new participants at our meetings or on our discussion list. For questions or to join the email group: 

More information: