Green Acton works to protect and enhance Acton’s natural environment and resources for present and future generations, and to help resolve the urgent environmental issues that transcend Acton’s boundaries.

Through bold solutions, Green Acton strives to:

  • combat climate disruption
  • advance the rapid transition to a renewable energy future
  • protect land and water resources
  • reduce materials consumption and increase materials re-use and recycling
  • support local and regional, sustainable food production and consumption
  • conserve and enhance habitat for native flora and fauna
  • reduce toxic materials in our air, water, soil, and materials stream
  • limit development unless it is necessary for community needs, is safe and sustainable, and enhances our town and region

To these ends, Green Acton may educate and advocate for environmental safety and public health by:

  • promoting  environmentally sustainable and socially equitable public policies, public practices, and private choices
  • advising on public environmental policies and programs
  • collaborating with other people and groups on common goals

Approved 2018-11-13