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Town response to Green Acton’s Kelley’s Corner statement

On May 18, 2018, Green Acton agreed on a statement on the Kelley’s Corner Infrastructure Project, and sent that statement in an email to the Kelley’s Corner Steering Committee. View that statement here.

Here is the text of the response we received from the Town, reformatted for the website. See the original of that response here. Continue reading

May 2018 Green Acton Statement on Kelley’s Corner Infrastructure Project

Public Statement about Kelley’s Corner Infrastructure Project Approved by Green Acton Directors 2018-05-18
Sent to Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Kelley’s Corner Steering Committee
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Green Acton position on Article 28

Green Acton agreed, at its March 2018 meeting, to support Article 28 on the Spring Town Meeting Warrant. Continue reading

Bike Share Program Proposed for Acton, Maynard & Other Local Towns

The Acton Planning Department and a company called Zagster have been working on a proposal for a bike sharing program. The proposal is scheduled for discussion at the January 8, 2017 Board of Selectmen meeting. Continue reading

Mass Energy Green Drive Promotion

In effect through end of February 2017, there are deep discounts on electric and plug-in hybrid (EV and gas) vehicles. In addition to dealership discounts, there are potential $7500 federal tax credits and $2500 MA state rebates. Although the MOR-EV State Rebate website shows the funds being almost exhausted, the state just announced they’re putting in another $12 million.  If you’re inclined to buy an EV or hybrid, now is the time. (Bolt has a waiting list.)

Complete Streets

Acton created a Complete Streets policy that was adopted by the Board of Selectmen in 2014. Here it is as a PDF file.  Continue reading

Franny Osman, local transportation advocate


Franny Osman and State Senator Jen Benson

Franny Osman and State Senator Jen Benson

Actonian Franny Osman was awarded an ‘unsung heroine’ award by the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women in June of 2016.
Franny fought with patience and persistence  to extend Acton’s public transportation options. Here’s the Beacon article on Franny’s award.




Green Acton enthusiastically encourages people to get out of their cars whenever possible! Bicycling, walking, roller blading, skateboarding — whatever gets people moving and not using fossil fuels is on our list of favorites. Continue reading

Public Transit

Green Acton has endorsed the development of more public transportation within and beyond Acton, for its environmental benefits and its role in creating more-connected communities. Continue reading


Transportation is an important sector in the pursuit of reduced greenhouse gas emissions, fossil fuel use, and particulates in our atmosphere. Continue reading