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2019 Warrant Article #5: Kelley’s Corner Supplemental Engineering and Appraisal Services

Neither recommend nor oppose

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Town response to Green Acton’s Kelley’s Corner statement

On May 18, 2018, Green Acton agreed on a statement on the Kelley’s Corner Infrastructure Project, and sent that statement in an email to the Kelley’s Corner Steering Committee. View that statement here.

Here is the text of the response we received from the Town, reformatted for the website. See the original of that response here. Continue reading

May 2018 Green Acton Statement on Kelley’s Corner Infrastructure Project

Public Statement about Kelley’s Corner Infrastructure Project Approved by Green Acton Directors 2018-05-18
Sent to Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Kelley’s Corner Steering Committee
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Green Acton position on Article 28

Green Acton agreed, at its March 2018 meeting, to support Article 28 on the Spring Town Meeting Warrant. Continue reading


Individual development projects, proposed by the Town or by builders, are the circumstances in which sustainability priorities can run most strongly counter to the pressures of the profit motive or notions that more growth is helpful to Acton.

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