Minutes: 2019-03-30


Tuesday, April 9, 2019

4pm • Special directors meeting by video-conference

Present: Jim Snyder-Grant, Debby Andell, Danny Factor, Kim Kastens, Carolyn Platt, Sue Jick, Debra Simes, Mike Boss

Directors met to consider rescinding their decision to not recommend Article 28, after reviewing the exchange of emails copied here: https://greenacton.org/2019/03/30/town-meeting-2019-warrant-article-28-details/

It was agreed unanimously by all present to rescind the decision to not recommend, and instead to make no recommendation. We will publish the emails as background, and re-post and re-send the modified recommendations.

Comments afterwards:

  • Recommendations on town policy or warrant articles by Green Acton should not be reliant on implementation by a single staff person.
  • Next time, let’s be sure to talk to relevant contact people beforehand.
  • Let’s assign specific people or committees to each warrant article as far ahead as possible.

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