Additional Sources of Information

For more information on the WR Grace Superfund Site in Acton, Massachusetts:

1. Check out these three websites:

  • The Green Acton websiteThe Green Acton website includes background information on the WR Grace Superfund Site, as well as maps of the groundwater contamination, a map of the local area, “EPA Community Updates”, and a table listing chemicals, and their maximum concentrations measured as part of the 2002 Remedial Investigation of the site. The website also includes a section on public health concerns and studies at the WR Grace Site, and links to EPA’s 2009 Five Year Review, and the 2005 EPA Record of Decision requiring further cleanup at the site.
  • Town of Acton website, Health Department pageThis webpage includes links to downloadable pdf documents on the WR Grace Site, including the 2004 and 2009 “Five Year Reviews”, several monthly status reports about the site, and the “2004 Preliminary Reuse Assessment” by EPA that summarizes current and potential land uses at the site.
  • EPA website

2. Join the Green Acton email list. (Contact
Green Acton will email announcements about public meetings or other major events related to the WR Grace Superfund Site.

3. Join the EPA mailing list for the WR Grace Superfund Site, to receive “EPA Community Updates”. (Contact Sarah White, EPA Community Involvement Coordinator, at or 617-918-1026.) These updates typically provide information about upcoming actions being taken at the site, and also include background information and figures showing contaminant plumes and surrounding areas. The 2009 Community Update focused on construction and cleanup plans for the Northeast Area of the WR Grace Superfund Site, near residential areas.

4. Visit the Acton Memorial Library to see the “Public Repository” of documents related to the WR Grace Superfund Site. (Ask at the reference desk if you need assistance.)

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