Drop & Swap Days

rrr.icon.landingFrom 2010 – 2013, Green Acton organized an annual Drop & Swap Day in May, held at the Conant School. These were valuable in keeping a lot of gently-used items  out of the landfill and in to the hands of other people who could use them. Providers of specialty recycling and reuse services were also there, and took in a lot of goods. Green Acton learned a lot about trash and recycling during those events, and decided to focus on getting a permanent swap shed at the transfer station.

Here’s a sample vendor list, from 2013, the last year of the Drop & Swap:

Big Brothers Big Sisters will take any of the above mentioned items that are not claimed at the swap area and items such as clothing, etc. that bypass the Drop & Swap area.

Conigliaro Inc. will be our full-service plastics recycler — including car seats and polystyrene (i.e., Styrofoam). They’ll be charging us by the ton, so a (small) fee is involved.

Household Goods Recycling of Massachusetts will take non-upholstered furniture that is not claimed at the swap, as well as mattresses in usable condition.

More Than Words will accept books, CDs, DVDs and videos.

Metech Recycling  will conduct responsible electronic recycling; recycling old monitors and computers with the costs less than, for example, the Town’s service at the Transfer Station.

ProShred will provide onsite document shredding (3 box maximum).

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