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2019 Warrant Article #28: Amend General Bylaws: Public Way Permits

Neither Recommend nor Oppose

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Spreadsheet of gas leaks in Acton

This spreadsheet is tracking what we know about gas leaks in Acton. It includes the data from National Grid, and data from the MAPC/HEET study. Continue reading

HEET/MAPC Gas Leaks Study


The Home Energy Efficiency Team (HEET) worked with the Metropolitan Area Planning Committee (MAPC) to survey 15 miles of roads in each of 15 towns, including Acton, and worked on preparing a “best practices” report on getting these leaks fixed. The report is here at this link to

The survey work was completed in 2016. Green Acton obtained a copy of the leak information  via a Public Records request. The spreadsheet on leaks  is here.

They found 58 underground leaks of methane (“natural”) gas.  Some were quite large: Five on Prospect street were larger than 5,000 square feet.

To Acton Selectmen, Dec 2016: Part 1, climate change

Thanks for having us back to help start your conversation about natural gas use in Acton. There are a lot of health and safety reasons for reducing the use of natural gas, but tonight we want to focus on another reason: Climate Change. Continue reading

To Acton Selectmen, Dec 2016. Part 2: Heat Pumps

The best current technology for heating and cooling homes and buildings is the heat pump, which comes in air source and ground source varieties Continue reading

Statement on 2015-11-16 to Acton Board of Selectmen from Debra Simes about new gas pipelines in Acton

The natural gas industry has worked hard over the last few years at its greenwashing campaign, which aims to convince the public that natural gas is a “bridge fuel” and that we have a natural gas “crisis.” Continue reading

Statement on 2015-11-16 to Acton Board of Selectmen from Jim Snyder-Grant about new gas pipelines in Acton

I want to speak in favor of not adding new natural gas lines in Acton. Continue reading