Introducing Green Acton “Perspectives”

The Green Acton website is introducing a new feature called “Perspectives.” Until now, Green Acton’s web material has been informational, and presented in a third-person, organizational voice. Perspectives pieces, in contrast, will allow for expression of personal reflection, experience, and opinion.

Perspectives content must be relevant to Acton and fall within the purview of Green Acton’s mission. The author(s) must have an existing, substantial relationship with Green Acton, and will be identified in the byline. If an opinion on a topic or issue is expressed, reasoning or supportive evidence for that opinion must be included. Personal experiences or observations are welcome; typically, pieces are written in the first person, but that is not mandatory.

What appears in Perspectives will have been vetted by a three-person group, comprising an editor, one of the co-Presidents, and a representative of whichever Green Acton committee’s area of interest is closest to the topic. There is a distinctive visual look to Perspectives content to set it apart from Green Acton’s informational website material. A disclaimer clarifies that these are the thoughts and opinions of the author(s), rather than of the organization as a whole.

The first such piece is by Lucy Kirshner, a member of the Green Acton Water Committee, titled Perspectives: 1,4-Dioxane in Acton Water.

Here is a link to all the Perspectives pieces.

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