Summary of EPA Record of Decision – September 30, 2005

Re: Cleanup at the WR Grace Superfund Site
Acton, MA

Thank you again, to everyone who made comments to EPA on the WR Grace Site during the summer of 2005.

Based on comments submitted during the public comment period, EPA has modified their plan to now include some active treatment of targeted areas within the Northeast Area, for a limited period of time. (See the “ROD” especially pages 66-80, for details.)

The “ROD” or “Record of Decision” for the WR Grace Site is available online at:

and includes the following:
(see pages 5 and 67)

  • Cleanup of contaminated sediments and soils posing an unacceptable risk to human health and/or the environment in Sinking Pond and the North Lagoon Wetlands.
  • Extraction and treatment of groundwater contamination in the Southeast & Southwest Landfill Areas on the Grace Property, and at targeted areas within the Northeast Area.
  • Construction of an approximately 200 gallon per minute groundwater pump and treatment system for both metals and inorganic contaminants. Treatment processes for extracted groundwater will include air stripping, activated carbon (air treatment), and inorganics removal.
  • Monitored natural attenuation in areas of groundwater contamination not captured by the extraction system.
  • Institutional controls to prevent unacceptable exposures to contaminated groundwater until cleanup levels are met, and to protect against unacceptable future exposures to any wastes left covered/capped on-Site.
  • Long-term groundwater, surface water, and sediment monitoring and periodic five-year reviews of the remedy.

Additional information about the WR Grace Site can be found on the EPA website at:

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