July 2014 Status of Recycling at Recreation Areas

Email from Town of Acton recreation director Catherine Fochtman on the status of recycling at recreation areas:  budget questions, container questions, staffing questions.  From: Catherine Fochtman <cfochtman@acton-ma.gov>

Date: Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 6:08 PM
Subject: RE: recycling at rec areas, next steps
To: Jim Snyder-Grant
Cc: Catherine Fochtman, Tom Tidman , Corey York


I’ve had several conversations with DPW Director Corey York and Natural Resources Director Tom Tidman about the Transfer Station recycling initiatives over the past month.  This is what we’ve discussed.

  • Corey has plans to submit a grant application for recycling bins that can be used for recreation areas later this year.
  • I have asked him about accessing the $25,000 Transfer Station funds for collection bin purchases sooner than later. It was his understanding that this money was for the swap shop structure and signage at the Transfer Station and Recycling Facility.
  • He plans to obtain some cost estimates this month for those specific items.
  • He suggests I recommend specific containers, which could potentially be funded via the $25,000 allocation.
  • I propose that the Green Committee, Recreation/Natural Resources and DPW meet to discuss how to allocate the $25,000 once we have figures for the proposed materials required to start these recycling initiatives.
  • I have been discussing where the manpower to do the recycling collection will come from with Mr. Tidman and that has not yet been decided.  I am considering assigning a Recreation seasonal worker to take on this duty.
  • We need to clarify at our meeting of the players involved whether the Transfer Station funds could support manpower in addition to materials, and decide what level of recycling will occur.



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