Acton Power Choice

Acton Power Choice (APC), which launched in Fall 2017, is Acton’s bulk purchasing program for electricity.

Enabled by state legislation, Massachusetts communities can design their own Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) programs to purchase electricity, often saving consumers a bit of money, and allowing municipalities to create electricity supply options that work best for the localities. Local programs often include a “greening up” of the community’s electricity supply with more renewable power than the utilities are legally required to provide.

APC works like this: consumers (residents or businesses) can participate in the program at two levels: Acton Power Choice Standard, which features a rate slightly below that of Eversource Basic’s current rate, and an additional 5% New England–sourced renewable energy, and Acton Power Choice GREEN, which features 100% New England–sourced renewable energy from solar, wind, and low-impact hydropower for a slight premium above APC Standard rates. It’s worth noting that APC’s initial contract with the new supplier, Dynegy, is good for 24 months, through September 2019, whereas Eversource enters into new supply contracts every six months. This accounts for the volatility of utility pricing (which typically rises in the winter); Acton Power Choice participation irons out that volatility over the course of the contract. Consumers who were Eversource Basic customers as of September 2017 were automatically enrolled in the APC Standard option; Green Acton strongly encourages those who can to “opt up” to APC GREEN. Opt up by calling 1.866.220.5696 with your Eversource account number at the ready.

Customers are free to opt out of the program at any time.

Eversource will continue to provide delivery and billing services, which means: (1) customers will still call Eversource about any problems, and (2) the monthly bill will still come from Eversource; the difference on the bill is that the supplier will be listed as Dynegy.

Participation in Acton Power Choice GREEN delivers these benefits:
• drives demand that fosters development of more renewable energy sources in New England
• creates local and regional jobs in the fast-growing renewable energy sector
• protects land and water resources through the environmental performance standards this option requires for energy generation
• reduces your (and our community’s) greenhouse gas emissions, which pollute the atmosphere and exacerbate global climate change

Learn more about Acton Power Choice at Questions? Contact the Town’s CCA consultant, Peregrine Energy, at 1.844.379.9933.

Here’s more background on APC programs.

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