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Background: Good Neighbor Outdoor Lighting

Light pollution from excess artificial light causes problems for people and wildlife. Sometimes we cannot even see the stars because of unnecessary artificial lights shining upward.

We can reduce the problem through community awareness, legislation (for example, requiring shielding on outdoor lights), and improved lighting technology. Continue reading

Background: Kinder-Morgan Pipeline

This text was sent to the Acton Beacon by Green Acton when the Beacon asked for some background information on the Kinder Morgan/TGP pipeline:

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Background: Swap Shop

People in Acton often have items, which they no longer want or need, that are in fine shape for someone else to use. Imagine a space at the Transfer Station where people could leave such items, and perhaps find other items they might want to take!

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Background: Private Hauler regulations

solid.wasteHere’s the brief prepared by Doug Halley  (Health Director) and Jim Snyder-Grant (Green Acton) for the Board of Health: Continue reading

Background: A Zero Waste Vision for Acton

zerowasteWhat is Zero Waste?
Zero Waste is an approach to solid waste that seeks to capture materials for reuse, and promotes the redesign of resource life-cycles so that all products are reused.

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