Trash Pricing

What is ‘SMART’?

SMART stands for Save Money And Reduce Trash. It’s the latest acronym from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for pricing by the volume of trash. A previous name, still in use in some places is PAYT (Pay As You Throw).

Why change our system if it’s not “broken”?

  • trash disposal is increasingly expensive; providing unlimited disposal at a fixed cost is no longer realistic
  • PAYT is a more-equitable arrangement; it allows people to be responsible for their actual level of use; for example, we wouldn’t expect to pay a flat fee for water regardless of our level of consumption
  • our current “All You Can Throw” system provides no fiscal incentive for reducing trash volume; the per-bag costs of trash disposal are “invisible,” but are real and are reflected in ever-increasing sticker prices
  • creating less trash is better for the environment

What about bulky items?

  • as is currently true, residents will pay a separate fee for disposal of bulky items

Where can Transfer Station users buy bags?

  • grocery, convenience, hardware, and other stores in Acton will sell the dedicated trash bags

What happens if a bag is defective?

  • the Transfer Station will provide a voucher for replacement of any defective bags

Will recycling options be expanded to include more kinds of items so I can get the out of my trash and save on bag fees?

  • Acton’s Town engineer constantly works on expanding recycling options. Recent additions have included bulky rigid plastic items, fluorescent light bulbs, polystyrene packing materials.  The new Swap Shed will also provide more options for reducing household trash volume by passing on items in useable condition.

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