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Admin Committee

The Admin committee meets about twice/month, usually during the day at local restaurants and cafes, to plan agendas for meetings, and to prepare and edit drafts of Green Acton policies.  The committee welcomes new participants. The committee can be reached at 

Land Use Committee

The Land Use committee generally meets on the fourth Thursday of the month at Acton Town Hall. The committee welcomes new participants. The committee can be reached at  Continue reading

Energy Committee

The Energy committee meets as needed about once every two months. The committee welcomes new participants. The committee can be reached at  Continue reading

Plastics Sub-Committee

The Plastics sub-committee meets as needed about once/month. The committee welcomes new participants. The sub-committee can be reached at Plastics is a subcommittee of the Materials committee, which is not regularly meeting these days. Continue reading

Water Committee

The Water committee generally meets on the second Sunday of every month in the Acton Memorial library. The committee welcomes new participants. The committee can be reached at  Continue reading


The group that became Green Acton was first convened by Ann Sussman in 2008 following a request from Lauren Rosenzweig (then chair of the Acton Board of Selectmen) to gather a team to advise the Selectmen on environmental priorities. Attendees at those first few meetings included Town staff, Selectmen, and activists from the Environment Team of the Acton-Area League of Women Voters (AA-LWV), Acton Citizens for Environmental Safety (ACES), the Acton Climate Action Team (ACAT), and the Outdoor Lighting Education Committee (OLEC).

Decades before Green Acton launched, another Acton environmental group had formed — Acton Citizens for Environmental Safety (ACES) —  to watchdog the WR Grace Superfund process with Acton’s well-being in mind.  In 2014, Green Acton and remaining ACES members began discussion about a merger, the legal work of that merger was undertaken in 2015, and completed in 2016. Green Acton inherits the legacy of ACES’ critical work on ensuring the safety of Acton’s water supply, and has increased its focus on this issue. Here is more about ACES.


(Green Acton’s mission statement is currently being revised)

Latest Draft:

Green Acton works to protect and enhance Acton’s natural environment and resources for future generations, and to help resolve the urgent environmental issues that transcend Acton’s boundaries.

Through bold solutions, Green Acton strives to:

  • combat climate disruption
  • advance the rapid transition to a renewable energy future
  • protect water resources
  • reduce materials consumption and increase materials re-use and recycling
  • support local food production and consumption
  • conserve and enhance habitat for native flora and fauna
  • reduce toxic materials in our air, water, soil, and materials stream

To these ends, Green Acton may:

  • educate and advocate for environmental safety and public health
  • advise on matters of environmental quality, and public-agency environmental programs, policies, or functions
  • promote sustainable, environmentally sound, and socially just public policy, and public and private practices

Current Mission:

Green Acton is a nonprofit community organization, in Acton, Massachusetts, that works to conserve local resources and protect our environment for future generations. Through education and advocacy, we aim to:

  • reduce, reuse, and recycle energy and materials
  • promote sustainable, environmentally sound practices
  • support local and regional food production and consumption


Introducing Green Acton “Perspectives”

The Green Acton website is introducing a new feature called “Perspectives.” Until now, Green Acton’s web material has been informational, and presented in a third-person, organizational voice. Perspectives pieces, in contrast, will allow for expression of personal reflection, experience, and opinion.

Continue reading

Green Acton position on AWD purchase of Conant Land

Green Acton, by consensus of its Directors, has adopted the following position:
Green Acton urges Acton citizens to vote “yes” on Article 1 at the Acton Water District Special Meeting (October 10, 7:30pm, Public Safety Building). Continue reading

Green Acton Monthly Meetings

All are welcome to our monthly meetings, listed below. Agendas & minutes are here in our Green Acton Announcements Google Group.  Continue reading