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OARS Joins EPA Stormwater Regs Suit

The Organization for the Assabet, Sudbury & Concord Rivers (OARS) recently announced that it is joining with nine other river groups in filing a lawsuit to overturn the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) one-year delay in implementing new stormwater pollution requirements in Massachusetts. Continue reading

Background: Stormwater and Its Regulation


Stormwater is water that runs off the land when it rains or when snow melts. On landscapes impacted by human development, stormwater carries fertilizer, harmful bacteria, oil, gas, toxic metals, and salt into nearby waterways. Julia Blatt, executive director of the Massachusetts Rivers Alliance, says in the Boston Globe, “Stormwater is the state’s No. 1 pollution problem.”

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First Lego League Presentation

First Lego League 6th grade girls’ team presentation: Microfiber pollution of oceans. All from different schools. There are three parts to this team’s competition project: (1) the project they’re presenting today, for which they had to research a problem within the theme of interaction between humans and animals (“animal allies”). They chose how microfibers (tiny plastic shards from fleece clothing) can end up in the ocean, be eaten by organisms, and then move up the food chain. They did a presentation in the form of a skit; (2) a robot game, on the same theme (animal allies), in which robots have to complete missions; (3) sharing their project with their communities. Continue reading

Background: Water in Acton

Water flows into Acton from rain and groundwater, and from a few small streams that flow into Acton. Continue reading

Acton Water District
The Acton Water District is a state-chartered governmental entity, separate from the Town of Acton, responsible for providing adequate amounts of safe clean water to the District’s business, residential, and municipal customers. They have a lot of useful educational and technical material on their website about Acton’s water supply.

2016 Green Acton comments on WR Grace cleanup plan

Below is the text of Green Acton’s 2016 letter to the EPA about the Grace cleanup site. A PDF is available here Continue reading

Acton Water District letter about the EPA plan for Nuclear Metals superfund site

Available as a downloadable PDF file from the AWD here

Jane Ceraso December 2014 public comments on the Nuclear Metals Superfund Site

EPA Public Hearing on Proposed Remedial Action Plan for the Concord, Massachusetts Nuclear Metals, Inc. Superfund site

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Background: the Nuclear Metals Superfund Site

From the EPA Superfund information site for Nuclear Metals

The Nuclear Metals, Inc. (NMI) property is located on a 46.4-acre parcel located at 2229 Main Street in Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. The facility includes five interconnected buildings, a paved parking area, a sphagnum bog, a cooling water recharge pond, and a holding basin. The topography of the property slopes down to the north. The property is bordered to the north by Main Street, commercial and residential properties, and the Assabet River; to the east by woodland and residential properties; to the west by woodland and commercial/industrial properties; and to the south by woodland and residential properties.

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Nuclear Metals Superfund Site

In Concord, Massachusetts, near the border with Acton, there is a federal Superfund site — the Nuclear Metals, Inc. site (formerly Starmet) — that may threaten Acton’s water supply through potential contamination of Acton’s Assabet wells (the same wells that were contaminated by the W.R. Grace Superfund site).

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