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Community Choice Aggregation

Community Choice Aggregation (or CCA) is a way for municipalities to negotiate with and engage¬†default electricity providers for service to residential customers. It’s a kind of “bulk purchasing” model that can lower price volatility, may save consumers money, and allows towns and cities to create electricity purchase options that work best for their communities, including building in more local/regional and renewable energy sourcing if that’s desired. Through CCA programs, the investor-owned utilities, such as Eversource or National Grid, continue to provide transmission and billing services. Acton is engaged in launching a CCA program.

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Presentation on Electricity Aggregation

Acton Town Manager Steve Ledoux gathered together a small group to prepare a recommendation to the Board of Selectmen about choosing an aggregator. Continue reading

Green Acton comments about CCA for 2016 Town Meeting

Here’s the note that went out to the Green Acton Announcements email list encouraging people to come out and support the CCA program, and explaining some of the details of Electrical Aggregation, aka Community Choice Aggregation
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Background: Community Choice Aggregation

Community Choice Aggregation or CCA is a relatively new way for communities to bring the financial and environmental advantages of bidding for alternate electrical suppliers to homeowners and local businesses.  Continue reading