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Town response to Green Acton’s Kelley’s Corner statement

On May 18, 2018, Green Acton agreed on a statement on the Kelley’s Corner Infrastructure Project, and sent that statement in an email to the Kelley’s Corner Steering Committee. View that statement here.

Here is the text of the response we received from the Town, reformatted for the website. See the original of that response here. Continue reading

Mass Energy Green Drive Promotion

In effect through end of February 2017, there are deep discounts on electric and plug-in hybrid (EV and gas) vehicles. In addition to dealership discounts, there are potential $7500 federal tax credits and $2500 MA state rebates. Although the MOR-EV State Rebate website shows the funds being almost exhausted, the state just announced they’re putting in another $12 million.  If you’re inclined to buy an EV or hybrid, now is the time. (Bolt has a waiting list.)

Black Gold Miners – 2011 Junior High School Siemens Team

The Black Gold Miners came to Green Acton in 2011. Continue reading

Acton’s Green Communities projects

After being certified as a Green Community in 2010, the town of Acton applied for and received funding from the state each year after that. Here’s a partial list of projects: Continue reading

The Green Communities Act

In 2008, Massachusetts enacted the Green Communities Act  that boosts energy efficiency and encourages investment in renewable energy. Continue reading

Acton Green Advisory Board Continue reading

Reducing Carbon Footprint by replacing streetlights.

Earlier in 2014, the Municipal Properties office released this report on streetlight replacements.

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Background: How to Measure a Town’s Carbon Footprint (Marlborough model)

In 2007, Jennifer Boudrie released a 65 page report entitled “Energy and Environmental Inventory For Marlborough, Massachusetts“. She shows how to use EPA formulas and data from utilities and the municipality to create a detailed carbon emissions inventory. The carefully documented details in the report give an excellent starting point for creating and updating an inventory for other towns such as Acton.

Carbon Footprint

We can’t measure our progress on carbon emissions in Acton without understanding how we measure our current emissions. Continue reading

Carbon Footprint – the Acton 2020 approach

The Acton 2020 plan, published in 2011, has a section on carbon footprint. Continue reading