About ACES

ACES: Acton Citizens for Environmental Safety

ACES (Acton Citizens for Environmental Safety) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) volunteer organization launched in Acton Massachusetts in 1989, by Charlotte Sagoff and Bob Eisengrein. In 2016, its name and mission was shifted to become Green Acton, Inc. For more than 30 years, ACES was a strong and persistent advocate for the most-thorough investigation and protective cleanup possible of the W.R. Grace Superfund Site in Acton. Along with the Town of Acton and the Acton Water District, ACES reviewed and commented on technical documents for the site and had regular meetings and other communication with EPA and Massachusetts DEP throughout the cleanup process.

In addition to the W.R. Grace Superfund Site, ACES was involved with many other local issues and projects, including environmental review and submission of comments to state agencies; the Caouette-Simeone Land Purchase; the Town of Acton’s collections of unused medications; an aquifer recharge project at the Discovery Museums; public education (e.g., water forum, Acton Earth Day, green building, solid waste and wastewater symposia); membership on Town committees; and a review of public well regulations from 15 Massachusetts towns, including Acton.

The ACES Mission
To promote the protection of public health and safety and to foster environmental quality and the wise use of natural resources by:

  • Providing service to the community of Acton as a review critic
  • Keeping the public informed on environmental issues
  • Offering advice and technical review of proposals for pollution cleanup
  • Taking other appropriate action to assure that public agencies pursue the necessary enforcement to achieve and maintain environmental protection

Charlotte’s Garden
Charlotte’s Garden was created by members of ACES and many others to honor the work of ACES co-founder Charlotte Sagoff (the other co-founder being Bob Eisengrein), and to inspire others to learn about her and emulate her activist spirit. Learn all about Charlotte’s Garden.

The Future of ACES
In 2016, the ACES board approved a change of name and a shift in mission to become Green Acton, Inc. Those involved in running the informal citizen’s group Green Acton are now involved with the non-profit 501(c) organization, Green Acton Inc., carrying on the work of Green Acton and ACES.

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