Complete Streets

Acton created a Complete Streets policy that was adopted by the Board of Selectmen in 2014. Here it is as a PDF file.  Acton’s policy was given an award by the national Complete Streets coalition as the 6th best Complete Streets plan approved that year. In July 2016, the Town was awarded $400,000 in funding (for FY 2017) by the MA DOT (Department of Transportation) to enact 14 aspects of the policy. Details here:

“Complete Streets” is a design approach to transportation planning that supports the idea that transportation corridors should be for all users, regardless of age, ability, or travel mode. It stands in contrast to the usual post-WWII suburban planning approach that focused on car access as the primary goal of any road.

Policies encouraging a “complete streets” approach began coming into existence in U.S. cities in the 1970s; the name “Complete Streets” was invented in the 1990s; and agencies like the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) started encouraging towns in the Boston area to create Complete Streets policies in 2012, and provided technical assistance in creating Acton’s Complete Streets policy.


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