Sep 12 Swap Shed Update

A note from Corey York with progress on getting a shed.

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From: Corey York
Date: Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 4:02 PM
To: Jim Snyder-Grant <>

As a follow-up to our swap shop discussions, we met with a company earlier this week and discussed some options for the building.  The picture below is an example of the shed that we are leaning towards for this venture.  The door layout will be similar.  It will have two sets of double doors (60-inches total width) and a couple windows.  We suspect this should provide sufficient lighting inside the building.  For ease of maintenance we are looking at vinyl siding.    However, the doors will be made from cedar.  In order to custom fit building code complaint fiberglass doors onto this shed, it quickly became cost-prohibitive, but the vendor offered an alternate scenario with the custom built wooden doors to keep the overall cost down.  The proposed building should be about 16 feet wide by 20 wide long.

They said the current production schedule is about a 6-week time period from placing the order to installation.

We will also be acquiring adjustable shelving units for inside the building that are approximately 24” deep and some folding tables to utilize inside and outside of the shed.  Based on other swap shops, we noticed other facilities routinely used table space outside the building.  If we proceed with this route, the attendant(s) would be required to pack up the material and tables and store them inside the building at the close of each business day.  We plan to adhere to no material being left outside the building to avoid other issues with materials being left at this location while unattended by the Swap Shop Staff.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.  Our plan is to continue working with the Building Department and other applicable agencies so that we can place the order within the next couple weeks or so.

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