Zero Waste / December 2, 2013 Board of Selectmen Meeting

In December of 2013, Green Acton went before the Acton Board of Selectmen to discuss Zero Waste strategies. We recommended six initiatives.  

Board of Selectmen Decisions

The Board of Selectmen voted to direct the town manager to set aside $25,000 from the Transfer Station Enterprise Fund in FY 2015 in support of the initiatives that would require new spending: a Swap Shed, Better Communications about Recycling, and Recycling at Recreation Areas.

The BoS voted to direct the town manager to have staff pursue the implementation of these initiatives: Require Private Haulers to Report Tonnages, and Explore Trash Pricing Options

At a subsequent meeting, the board assigned Selectman Peter Berry to study the Extended Producer Responsibility Resolution with Green Acton and report back with a recommendation to the BoS.


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