Charlotte’s Garden Site Description and Vision

The Charlotte Sagoff Memorial Garden will include a bench immediately outside the Acton Memorial Library main entrance, where library patrons and playground users can sit while awaiting a ride. Several steps away, two additional benches will be placed on a new brick patio area, surrounded by an attractive garden. A granite block “table” in front of the two benches, will be engraved with the message: “Do the Right Thing”. A dogwood tree already grows just behind the patio-bench location, and provides a beautiful backdrop to the garden. A small stone wall will add character to the garden, as well as create a terraced effect to help retain water for the native, low maintenance, attractive species that will be planted.

In the spirit of Charlotte’s “can-do” approach to life, as well as the ideals that she lived up to, and advice she gave to others, “word bricks” will be scattered throughout the brickwork, each with a single, Charlotte-like directive, such as: “Love”, “Laugh”, “Learn”, “Read”, “Question”, etc. The bricks will be placed so that a child can hop from “word brick” to “word brick”.

Here is a view of the garden from ground level. The overall design can be seen on this concept plan, created by Tom Tidman, Acton’s Director of Natural Resources. D.P. Lenox Landscaping, Inc. carried out the brick installation and other sitework. Plantings by Cathy Fochtman and several volunteers were installed in May 2009.

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